gargle/gmailr non-interactive use

As to my best knowledge, gmailr is using gargle in the background to manage authentifications. I went through documentation on gmailr and gargle on non-interactive authentification (e.g. however fail to keep the functionality working longer than for a week (after week I need to authorize again interactively). Sadly gmair package community died out. How can I make the token discovery process in gargle to access the already available token(s)? I tried with using both ouath and service account token. The same time limited result.

Example of debug on when gargle wants to refresh token interactively

trying `token_fetch()`
trying `credentials_service_account()`
Error caught by `token_fetch()`:
Argument 'txt' must be a JSON string, URL or file.
trying `credentials_external_account()`
aws.ec2metadata not installed; can't detect whether running on EC2 instance
trying `credentials_app_default()`
trying `credentials_gce()`
trying `credentials_byo_oauth()`
Error caught by `token_fetch()`:
inherits(token, "Token2.0") is not TRUE
trying `credentials_user_oauth2()`
Gargle2.0 initialize
adding "" scope
loading token from the cache
no matching token in the cache
initiating new token
Waiting for authentication in browser...
Press Esc/Ctrl + C to abort
Authentication complete.
putting token into the cache:

I would like to non-interactively use the token via gargle and supply it directly to gmailr in the following manner:

if(GLOBALS$GMAIL_DEBUG == "ON") options(gargle_verbosity = "debug")

gmail_interface <- R6Class("gmail_interface",
  public = list(
    from = NULL,
    to = NULL,

    initialize = function(){



      self$from <- ''
      self$to <- c('', '')

    intro = function(){
      cat(paste0("Initialized gmail interface with from: ", self$from, " to: ", self$to, ".\n"))

    send = function(subject = sprintf("Automated eMail on %s", Sys.time()), text = "test"){

      email <- gm_mime() %>%
        gm_to(self$to) %>%
        gm_from(self$from) %>%
        gm_subject(subject) %>%


  private = list(

    path = file.path(path_current_script, "gmailR_cred"),
    configure = function(){ 

      JSON_FILE = list.files(private$path, pattern = 'json', full.names = TRUE)[1L]
      gm_auth_configure(path = JSON_FILE)

      SECRET = '.secretlocal'  
      gm_auth(email = "", 
              scopes = 'send', 
              cache = file.path(


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