fviz_pca_biplot Symbols

Hi all, I've produced a PCA Biplot where I am looking at differences in water composition of wetland sites, this biplot is specifically comparing between two groups of sites; alpine and subalpine sites. The way I am currently doing this, gives me a plot where all my sites are denoted by circles, and colour differentiates between groupings (alpine and sub alpine). I am wondering if there is a way to keep the colour denoting the different groups, but change the symbols so that different symbols represent individual sites?

Have attached the code I am using and a picture of the plot I can currently make.

Thanks in advance!!!

fviz_pca_biplot(PCA, geom.ind = "point", fill.ind = df1$site, col.ind = "black", pointshape = 21, pointsize = 4, fill.point=df1$site, labelsize = 7, addEllipses = TRUE, ellipse.type = "confidence", label = "var", col.var = "black", repel = TRUE, legend.title = "Site") + theme_bw() + My_Theme

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