fviz_pca_biplot parameters


I am quite a begginner with ggplot and partners, so I apologize if the question is very basic.

I'd like to use fviz_pca_biplot to plot results from a PCA but I can't manage to set parameters as wanted.

Here is what I am coding:

                # Individuals
                geom.ind = "point",
                fill.ind = habillage$g_sp,
                pointshape = 21 ,
                pointsize = 2,
                # Variables
                alpha.var =1, 
                col.var = "contrib",

                legend.title = list(fill = "Species", color = "Contrib"))

And what I get:

It is almost what I want except I'd like to remove strokes of points, and mean group points.

Any idea?

Thanks all.

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