furrr::future_map .progress not working

I was able to make furrr:future_map work fine with the code below. The variable exported is a character vector previously defined which I am not reproducing here.

# with plan(sequential) this would take 173 seconds
plan(multiprocess, workers=6) # takes 40 seconds
aspect.major.names %>%
             .options=furrr_options(globals=exported)) %>%
    list.cbind() %>%
    round(8) -> df_strength_mas

The only problem is what the .progress options generates on the screen is not very interesting. It is something like

Progress: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 100%

This shows on the screen and does not change. Am I doing something wrong?

Two other questions:

  1. What is the difference between plan(multisession) and plan(multiprocess)? Both work in my Windows 10 system.

  2. By trial and error I discovered the code above runs fastest when the number of workers is set to 6. My CPU has sixteen physical cores and 32 logical cores. Why doesn't it run faster with more than six workers?


Is there any way you can provide a full reproducible example? I’d like to help, but it is hard to do so without an example I can run.

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