funs() was deprecated in dplyr 0.8.0

I am getting this error, I cannot resolve it by myself.

funs() was deprecated in dplyr 0.8.0.
:information_source: Please use a list of either functions or lambdas:

# Simple named list: list(mean = mean, median = median)

# Auto named with tibble::lst(): tibble::lst(mean, median)

# Using lambdas list(~ mean(., trim = .2), ~ median(., na.rm = TRUE))
This warning is displayed once every 8 hours.
Call lifecycle::last_lifecycle_warnings() to see where this warning was generated

my code is:
Qode_Detail %>% group_by(AlternateFacilityName, DataDate) %>%

  • summarise_all(funs(sum)) -> Qode_Detail

I have attached the screenshot for my table.

You can just delete de "funs".

data %>% group_by(AlternateFacilityName, DataDate) %>%

However, take into account that you have 2 non-numeric variables, GenderName and AgeBracketName and that, as you have not used those variables in the group_by, the sum function will crash, because it does not accept non-numeric arguments.

Thanks I have a code that removes the non-numerics before. your comment has helped

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