functionality for naming shiny sessions and related objects

I am implementing a multi user shiny app. After we close a shiny app or reload it, the session is lost and new session is created, I want a way to connect to the existing session and access all the inputs and outputs in that particular session. So that I can take particular user from where he left the application.

there are many other things where we have problems like this :

  1. when we bookmark a state using enableBookmarking("server") , it returns a link with a long random state_id which cannot be overwritten and is different every time I bookmark, I want to customize this state_id.
    e.g. : example bookmarking link in this link, it will be really helpful to add a custom state_id and functionalities like overwriting the existing bookmark.

  2. When I create a url object using session$registerDataObj to POST something in my shiny app from another server, every time it creates a new endpoint, which needs to be conveyed to the server on another side to accept POST requests.
    eg : session/9b00ed134223d34d261bf6e8a94c2b23/dataobj/api?w=&nonce=7fbb802e63d73de6
    this is not necessarily a problem as far as we are in a same session but if the user refreshes the app, the endpoint also gets changed.
    P.S. : I am aware that user and session management features are available in shiny server pro (at least to some extent) but I can't use that

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Somewhat-related (but not bookmarking), I posted a comment about a module of mine at Shiny Bookmarking to automatically save and restore state

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