function for creating a summary table from sales data

I am looming for function to create a summary table where I can pass the table as input parameter and create a a summary like below, i am trying to create with dcast but does't able to make it dynamic for variables.

sample data frame

target <- c("DT 0", "DT 1", "DT 2", "DT 3", "DT 4", "DT 5", "DT 6", "DT 7", "DT 8")
basic <- c(19,50,79,80,72,30,13,45,52)
beginner <- c(22,82,50,15,51,54,40,17,31)
medium <- c(18,66,29,32,40,34,57,60,84)
projected <- c(38,63,17,64,81,41,14,63,79)
Planned <- c(53,12,73,34,16,77,12,60,88)
df <- data.frame(target,basic,beginner,medium,projected,Planned)
df <-

the required output should be like below

sales review DT 0 DT 5 DT 8
basic planned basic planned basic planned
Banking 19% 53% 30% 77% 52% 88%

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