Function argument as a part of the output name

Hi RStudio Community,

I am new to writing functions in R and am not certain if what I am trying to do is possible. I have the below function

convert.todf <- function(y) {
  `y` <<-

I am trying to make it such that the new output dataframe will have the same name as the argument which I put in. I've tried putting my argument y as y, (y), "y", and simply as y, but none of those have been working.

Just for a bit of context, the data structure of the arguments I will be using are environments and they are named using numbers (1,2,3). I am planning on using this for multiple arguments theoretically by putting a range of 1:58 as my argument, and hope to get an output of 58 separate data frames using this function.

Any advice/help is appreciated and thank you in advance!

You probably know that you can put the 58 data.frames in a list and retrieve them by a sequence number or a name. Why do you need the environments?

I don't want them in a list, I want them as separate dataframes.

You can use the assign function. For example


And in combination with deparse and substitute


maybe I haven't understood but it sounds like you are hoping to coerce 'environments' into 'data.frames', I don't think this is trivially possible, with anything as simple as a call as it would depend on the content of the environment and your knowledge of that...

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