Fullscreen distration free mode for writing rmarkdown

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I have recently moved more and more of my writing into RStudio, e.g. blogging through the excellent Blogdown (I really hope the rumours about an Articledown is true!). However, I miss the fullscreen distraction free mode of WriteMonkey or similar markdown editors. Is it possible to get something similar through RStudio? I know I can make the pane fullscreen, but the lines are very long and you have to adjust the zoom to make it in a nice writing mode, and you still see the menus, etc. It would be great if it was possible to switch into a writing mode, and then switch back when you want to adjust the code etc. when you want see all the functionality in RStudio. It would be great for those of us trying to write articles in RStudio without depending on other software.

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I'd like the same. Now that I use R Markdown for so much writing, even if it doesn't actually use R plots, it'd be nice to beef up the writing environment of R Studio.

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Having this, along with on the fly spell-checking in non-code blocks would make it a killer app to write in.

You can always "tear" the .Rmd tab out of the editor, then minimise the editor. Not quite the same, but still a decent stab at the problem that you can use right now.

I've been pulling out the tab and making it separate. It's actually a pretty decent writing environment. Getting rid of the workspace stuff and package tab was key. I actually thing R Studio is as good a writing environment as any, including Byword or SublimeText.

Having spell check, yes, would make this even better.