Frequent Blank Window in Xubuntu VM

Hi R Studio,

I've had the same issue on 1.2 and 1.3. I am using the latest VirtualBox with a Xubuntu 20.04 LTS guest. I wanted to try on Windows, but the permissions issues of 1.2 were not surmountable.

The issues I have is random blank window and unresponsive app. Sometimes this happens on opening R studio, sometimes at random after user interaction. I'm forced to

pkill rstudio

I've not tested this extensively, but sometimes this doesn't work and I need to clean up the /tmp folder, so I've written the following script now:

pkill rstudio 
rm -rf /tmp/R*
rm -f  /tmp/qt*
rm -f  /tmp/Temp-*

This seems to fix it, but i can't say it's 100% yet. This is VERY annoying, like 2x an hour if I'm busy. Minimizing/maximizing doesn't seem to work and the menu becomes unresponsive. The color of the blank seems to have changed when I changed themes.

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