Frequency distribution seed size data

I have 4 experiment factors:

  1. Temp (i.e., heat stress): 5 levels (24, 30, 34, 38°C, outside)
  2. D_W (i.e., drought stress): 2 levels (Drought vs. Wet)
  3. 6_12 (i.e., stress duration): 2 levels (6 vs. 12 days)
  4. F_S (i.e., stress timing): 2 levels (Flowering stage vs. Seed filling stage)
  5. Branches
    In total there are 40 treatments with 8 plants (i.e., replications) for each treatment, i.e., 320 plants in total.
    I have 8 exp blocks, where plants were kept before and after treatment. During treatment, we additionally have "table" as a "blocking factor".
    I have 20 seeds size ranks and for every rank, I could find how many seeds I have per branch of a plant, I am looking for a model to plot my data as frequency distribution.
    (seed number or percentage as y and seeds ranks as x ).
    Thank you in advance!

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