Freelancer Board!

I'm an amateur R programmer. I just built a commercial app by slogging my way through StackOverflow & this site, teaching myself what I needed to know to get a working prototype.

Now I have that working prototype, and I need a good R programmer (with a few specific requirements that should be No Big Deal) to take my code over and do some things to it.

I want a Category on RStudio Community where I can get in touch with the freelancer community that I'm sure exists out there....

BTW, I built my app using RStudio, and using tidyverse packages wherever I knew that was an option.


This is a super good idea! I think people here would love to hear about a job like this.

Do you mind posting this to the most relevant category -- with the jobs tag -- for the time being? (maybe shiny or r-admin?).
Perhaps my fears over overblown, but we're a little worried about balkanizing the site into too many categories. But if there's a lot of interest, this would obviously deserve its own category.

Also, we'll be offering community folks jobs/tasks postings, freelancer profiles, and mentor/mentee opportunities in 2018!