Free License Expired? [RStudio Server with Tensorflow-GPU for AWS]


I cannot lauch my RStudio Server with Tensorflow-GPU for AWS instance. After initializing, connecting and entering the set-up password I reach this screen.

Connecting with Putty I can see that there is no R Studio license active on the instance. It is really aggravating, since digging around in the settings is time consuming and therefore expensive on such an instance. Shouldn't this work out of the box, it's not RStudio Pro after all?

Just to clarify, are you talking about Rstudio products in the AWS marketplace right?

There are two versions of that AMI, one with RStudio Server open source and one with RStudio Server Pro, are you sure you have selected the right one?


yes, I am sure I used the free version. Using the instance with R Studio (Jul 11, 2019) leads to the error above. Instances using (Sep 25, 2018) work though.

Where did you find that AMI? I can't see that version offered by RStudio itself in the AWS marketplace

Hi UnitRoot,

That version was released by mistake by AWS and has since been removed. (It was only up for a few hours) There will be a 1.2 version coming soon, but is not yet ready. Apologies for the confusion. Since you managed to subscribe to it while the offer was live, it still appears for you, but will not work properly.

-Joshua C. Forest

@UnitRoot Just a heads up, the new version of RStudio Server Tensorflow-GPU is now out. Featuring RStudio Server version 1.2.1335

Great, thanks for the update!

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