Formatting paragraphs powerpoints through rmarkow and officer

I have been following this excellent tutorial to automate complex powerpoint presentations. However, i am still puzzled on how to handle the formatting in general.

Here below a very simple reprex:

Paragraph_Test1<-'<ul><li>Bullet 1</li><li>Bullet 2</li><li>Bullet 3</li></ul>'
Paragraph_Test2<-'- Bullet 1\n -Bullet 2 \n -Bullet 3'
Paragraph_Test3<-'- **Bullet 1**\n -Bullet 2 \n -Bullet 3'

my_pres <- read_pptx("Template.pptx") %>%   # reads in the template
  add_slide(layout = "SlideTemplate", master = "Office Theme") %>%    
  ph_with(value = Paragraph_Test1, location = ph_location_label(ph_label = "PlaceHolder")) %>% 
  add_slide(layout = "SlideTemplate", master = "Office Theme") %>%   
  ph_with(value = Paragraph_Test2, location = ph_location_label(ph_label = "PlaceHolder")) %>% 
  add_slide(layout = "SlideTemplate", master = "Office Theme") %>%   
  ph_with(value = Paragraph_Test3, location = ph_location_label(ph_label = "PlaceHolder")) 
print(my_pres, 'Presentation.pptx')

My ideal goal would be to find a way for the Paragraph_Test1 to be understood and be spitted out in the slides with the proper formatting. As a workaround, i could build the usual rmarkdown notations but this doesn't seem to work much either. It works fine for Paragraph_Test2, the bullet points are being created, but it doesn't work with Paragraph_Test3, the bold formatting is not being exported.
(This is a very simple example with bullet points to explain what i am struggling with but i am basically interested to know the best way to handle the formatting in general, it could be adding some colors, hyperlinks, bold, italic,...)

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