formatting if statements

This may be a trivial issue (but not to me!), nonetheless:
I'm beginning with R/Rstudio, coding this example from murach's "R for Data Analysis", pg 53:
size <- 200
if (size > 100) {

Your example didn't complete. See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners to get help with specific code examples.

The syntax for if() is simple.

For short statements, they can be inline. For code requiring line breaks, enclose in curly brackets. ifelse() works similarly.

size <- 100
if(size >= 100) "big"
#> [1] "big"
if(size >= 100){
  foo = "really"
  bar = "big"
#> [1] "really big"
ifelse(size >= 100,"big","small")
#> [1] "big"

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