Formatting Figures from Quarto to docx

I'm following up about this issue (I initially posted about it here, but the post was closed because there was no response):

How does one specify figure layouts (e.g., "Square with Text Wrapping") when rendering from Quarto to .docx?

The use of a Word template file with customized styles does not resolve this question, insofar as I can tell, because figure layouts are not something that can be added to a style. Any additional guidance would be helpful.

Unfortunately, this could be a Pandoc limitation that this is not possible. Quarto does use Pandoc feature regarding docx, and so it allows only what Pandocs allows. The reference document for template of docx, is the only thing you can customized with Pandoc. If you can tweak the reference doc to make this work, then this is not possible and should be a Pandoc feature request

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