Forest plot (difference in means) with R

Hi, I ned the code for conducting a meta-analysis using R. The data is in the form of means of the interventional group versus the placebo group with SD for each of the means. Need to create a forest plot and prediction interval.
Any help will be appreciated.

Dear Samit

please have a look on this i hope this is what you are looking for :

Code based on : Introduction to forest plots

for the documentation of it you may look at the github if you want :

Best Regards

Hi, Thank you very much. Solved my problem. Much appreciated.
Need another help though: was trying to create a risk of bias plot with the following code
** Risk of bias is my dataset
rob = Risk_of_bias
rob_summary(data = rob,
tool = "ROB2",
weighted = FALSE)
However, the yellow color (low risk color) is not appearing. Instead a gray shade is visible.

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