Forecasting with system of equations

I would like to hear some suggestion. I have no idea how to do a project like the one below. Basically I will estimate some equations separetely, and I want to build a system of all estimated equation to produce a economic scenario based on the equations estimated, inputs for the model, and some definitions.

For example, imagine I want to forecast the following model:

  1. Phillips curve that depends on past inflation, expected inflation, output gap and a cost-push variable, like commodity prices.

  2. Output gap equation that depends on past output gaps, real interest rates and global growth.

  3. Expected inflation that depends on output gap, past inflation, and a inflation target.

  4. a definition: real interest rate = nominal rate - the expected inflation for the next 12 months

  5. Inputs: Global growth, nominal rate, commodity prices.

I would estimate each equation separately, using a OLS or a 2SLS.

How can I bring up a model like this for estimated different scenarios based on different inputs? Are there any example?

I used to work on EViews, where you can append and merge components to a "model", and then compute the forecasts. How can I do it on R?

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