Forecasting using Dlm in R

I have this dataset where I need to do a forecast for the next 6 Quarters using a Dynamic linear model (dlm) in R.
Also, including at least a trend and a seasonal value.
Here is the ts converted data.

Please anyone help. I have no knowledge of dlm's in R. Here is my code.

DLM <- data1.ts

dlmMod <- dlmModPoly() + dlmModSeas(4)

dlmFilt <- dlmFilter(DLM, mod = dlmMod)

dlmFc <- dlmForecast(dlmFilt, nAhead = 6)

Hi, have a look at some of the examples here:

Also, next time please post a reproducible example instead of a screenshot of your code:

Hey, thanks for the reply. The link you sent was super helpful to me, everything is clear to me right now.

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