Forecast - Time Bin analysis

Hi there,

I'm trying to predict / forecast the turn up of people to an event. For example, not everyone will turn up at the exact time. What ideally I would like is four 15 minute time bins before the event start time.

Here is sample data:

Events <- tibble::tribble(
       ~Event,       ~Event.Start, ~Attendees,
  "Speaker 1", "07/05/2020 10:50",        100,
  "Speaker 2", "07/05/2020 12:50",        600

For Speaker 1, I would like four 15 minute bins prior to the event start (09:50, 10:05, 10:20, 10:35 and then 10:50) with 20% of people in each time bin.

Is this possible?

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