Forcing a rebuild of pkgdown website RStudio-->Build

I have a question about pkgdown and building packages in RStudio. I've created a site with pkgdown, but it doesn't seem to update when I do the typical Build-->Document or Build-->Clean and Rebuild. Is there a preferred way of doing this? I figured I could put a simple script in the root of the package and just have that script run pkgdown::build_site(). Then under Project Build Tools--> Custom I could reference that script. However that doesn't behave the way I thought it should :).

Ah that's an interesting question and I have no answer to it so I am curious to see what you find out. :sweat_smile:
As you say it doesn't seem possible with the IDE, maybe that's one thing some folks would use Make for?
I suppose most people use a continuous integration workflow to update their website (e.g. usethis::use_github_action("pkgdown"), that you could tweak a bit to also get a preview on Netlify for forks)

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