Font size of Help Page and Outline

I really would like to see font size in outline being changeable. My font size in the editor is 14 and I guess it is maybe 6 in outline. This is definitely to small for me. The same is true for the help page.

This topic was already brought up in this forum, but questions were either closed without any real answer here or questioners were asked to file an enhancement request: here

There were already instructive proposals for a solution:here but again I could not find anything applicable in the preferences.

Could you let me know, if I am overlooking something in preferences or if you are still working on a solution or if I have to live with it and bend my back nearer to the screen ( which is still better than zooming in 2 times and again zooming out 2 times).

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A little relief is available by using the browser display icon to the right end of the first group. It’s easier to zoom/unzoom there and you can go full screen without having to futz around with pane layouts.

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Thank you for my first like.
Can you help me finding the icon to the right end of the first group


OK and thank you. This is really a little relief.

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