Follow-Up Thread for Webinar "Yang Tang on Advanced UI, the Motivation and Use Cases of {shinyjqui}"

A recording of the webinar is now available on and on YouTube

Advanced UI, the Motivation and Use Cases of {shinyjqui}

Abstract: Sometimes your Shiny app's user-interface needs a little extra interactivity to give users more flexibility and highlight key interactions. For example, one user might not like the initial placement of a plot or data table and would like to move it around themselves. In episode 6 of the Shiny Developer Series, we will be joined by Yang Tang to discuss the development and capabilities of the powerful shinyjqui package that provides Shiny developers clean and intuitive wrappers to the immensely popular JQuery javascript library.

Yang Tang is a Senior Scientist at Roche - GitHub - LinkedIn

Show notes

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Webinar Questions

Note that during the webinar, Yang was working now his markdown doc jQuery UI and shinyjqui Live Demo (Thank you Simon)

I saw the webinar last month and remember you saying the recording would be posted. can you paste the URL where these recordings are posted?

Videos will get posted to And if you subscribe to the Shiny Developer Series mailing list, we'll email that to you too. Third option, you can subscribe to the Shiny Dev Series YouTube channel.

Does shinyjqui work out of the box with custom modules?

Which package do you use in order to implement a Shiny standalone?

What's the last package that Yang just mentioned (about building websites)?

Is it possible to use shinyjqui with flexdashboard?

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