folders and subfolders in wd

Hi all,
I am new to RStudio Cloud and I'm perplexed about something. I've uploaded a folder to my wd. This folder contains many subfolders and subsubfolders. What additional code do I need to write to import datasets.

read.csv() doesn't work, but if I upload the csv file directly to cloud/project it does.

Do I need to give more direction about the location when the csv file is buried within a few layers of folders?


You must give a relative path to the CSV file. Something like this...


I thought so, but wasn't sure. Thank you so much!

I spoke too soon. It still isn't recognizing the file or directory

It would be easier to help you would share a screenshot of the folder structure and what code you have tried to access the file. What is the error message that appears?

I found my error. Thanks so much for the help!

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