Folder selector in Project Templates

I'm experimenting with Rstudio project templates, an excellent solution to fit some of my needs in the short term for prompting my colleagues to automate some collaborative tasks.

My question/request is very simple: I would like to set up the paths to some shared folders in a cloud storage service (OneDrive in my case, but it does not matter what) as project properties. Therefore I would like to add a "folder selection" widget to the template metadata. However, for what I can see in the reference and what I have tried, this possibility is not implemented, as the only possibility is the "FileInput" widget but it does not implement the selection of folders.

Any chances that this feature will be implemented in the near future? Thanks so much!

This cannot be done as I wanted. The solution I implemented is to call rstudioapi::selectDirectory() inside the function bound to the project template.

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