Folder created automatically when knitting R Markdown

A new behavior has started happening when I knit a .Rmd file to HTML. RStudio seems to automatically create a new folder with the images saved to it.

It did not used to do this for me and I have not changed YAML or other chunk options that should be having this effect.

Has anyone else experienced this or is anyone aware of why this might be happening?

When I delete the folder, it will also delete the knitted HTML like they are linked somehow. Super weird

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I can confirm that this is happening, even when knitting with self_contained = TRUE option, an empty folder gets created.

       output_format = "html_document",
       output_options = c("self_contained = TRUE"),
       quiet = TRUE)

I had posted this hoping that someone from RStudio might see and have some kind of comment/suggestion. This behavior is a little worrisome

What is the version of Rmarkdown and knitr we are talking about here ? Did you manage find when it changed ? There were several bugs fixed and this may be a side effect of one of them.

I think there is an issue opened about this

I will look into this.

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Know that this is a confirmed bug that will be fixed in next version. (see this answer)


@cderv Thank you so much! I had not found any discussion along this issue and I very much appreciate that you were able to track it down!!

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