Fold Style in RStudio Global Options

What is the difference between the "Start Only" and "Start and End" Fold Style options in RStudio. I get to those options by going to Tools, Global Options, Code, Display, then Fold Style.

I don't understand what the "Fold Style" options refer to, so that is why I am asking the question above.

I think it is with "Start and End" you can click on the arrow at the start or end of the chunk, while with "Start only" there is only an arrow at the top.

Thanks for the information. I understand now that the Fold Style refers to code folding. Does the "Start Only" setting for Fold Style only let you fold at the beginning of a chunk of code? Does the "Start and End" Fold Style let you fold from both the beginning and end of a chunk of code? I don't really see a difference when I go between the two different settings.

Sorry, I didn't see your response until after I posted the other response.

Thanks I see that now. When I have a code chunk I see that there is one arrow pointing down at the start of the chunk and one arrow pointing up at the end of the chunk when I set the option "Start and End". When I have a code section, I see that the arrows both point down at the start and end of the sections regardless of whether I set the option "Start and End" or "Start Only". Is that true for you also?

Lastly, is it just a matter of personal preference whether you choose the "Start and End" vs. "Start Only" setting for "Fold Style"?

I do not use folding that much, but it works with more than just single code chunks. I use headers in R Notebooks and you can fold those. I might have "### import data" and then two code chunks, then "### mutate data" with three code chunks and then "### estimate model" with two code chunks. Each header section can be folded by clicking the little triangle at the start of the section.

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