fluidrow and boxing in r Shiny

Hi, having issues with the boxing in r shiny. In my UI, I intend to have a sidebar with sliders that create some output values in a box at the right. In the center, I intend to have a plot as main visual of the dashboard. However, there is quite some space between the box of the plot and the box with the values. Why is that? Plesae see screenshot.

Here is my code for the UI, thanks a lot!

Can you post the whole code? The server side as well. Enough so that it can be run?

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You can use column in the fluidrow just like:

column(6, plotOutput("output1")),
column(6, plotOutput("output2"))

Be careful whole width is equal to 12. You can seperate %50 %50 by giving 6


Thanks for your support, I decided to rearrange the dashboard to avoid the problem :stuck_out_tongue: The problem was discussed already some times, but the solutions there did not really work. See e.g.

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