Flow Charts and Diagrams for Newcomers - Preferred Package?

If you wanted to learn diagram/flowchart creation, where would you start? I like DiagrammeR and graphViz but am intrigued by tidygraph and ggraph. I'm targeting newcomers to R who typically use ppt for diagrams. Looking at the GitHub repos, it looks like the developers may be prioritizing other projects. I've looked at daggity and ggdag, as well, but that's more niche than I'm after.

I'm coaching a few people through the tidyverse, and I'm concerned about asking them to learn dot language. I'd love to get a discussion going on this to learn if there's a clear direction.


I personally really like tidygraph (because you can work in a 'tidyverse' way) and for visualisation I mostly use visNetwork:

Introduction (datastorm-open.github.io)


Thank you for sharing. Do you prefer visNetwork to ggraph because of interactivity or is there another reason?

I agree that the 'tidyverse' way is quite nice.

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Exactly! I really like the interactivity possibilities that come with visNetwork. I haven't discovered something similar in ggraph or a package related to tidygraph.

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