floating toc in Distill webpage

I would like to use a floating toc in one of the pages of a webpage build with the distill package but I couldn't. Any help?
In fact, I could make a toc but not a float toc. My last try was to try this in the yaml but it dint work

      toc: true
      toc_float: true



Yes that did not work because toc_float is not an argument of distill_article().

Currently floating toc is not supported in distill. Only this toc:

Table of content is always placed the same in distil article and I don't think this is a compatible feature (yet ?) in distill.

The layout / theme used by distill is not the same as basing Rmarkdown, so the JS code for floating toc of Rmarkdown is not used here. Sorry.

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yes, I imagined it. Thanks for the confirmation.
I hope that some day the developers of Distill add that :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again

You should maybe open a feature request in the GitHub repo if it doesn’t exist yet. you’ll get the feedback from the maintainer directly on this.
I am not sure that distill format is compatible with a floating toc.

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