Flexibility in Project Template Dialog Box?

I'll be soon developing a package that will lean heavily on RStudio Project Templates to facilitate consistent user workflows upon initiating a new project.

I'm envisioning making the template fairly complex with many options, most of which will affect the structure of a primary .Rmd source file, but others will affect the directory structure and which optional files are created and how they are pre-populated. The intent is to minimize how much the user needs to edit code directly, and maximize how much control they have via point and click interfaces (the tools are intended primarily for non-R users).

I'm wondering how complex I can make the interactive portion of this Project Template. For example, in addition to the widgets shown at the link above, is there a way to provide finer-scale control over how the widgets are organized over the simple "Position" field? One thing that would be really great is if the widgets could be organized into tabsets. Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm a bit concerned I'll run out of room for all of the necessary widgets, and given they will fall into broad categories, tabsets would be awesome. Additionally, are there extensions to these widgets, such as a date picker widget?

Any insights on these topics would be greatly appreciated.

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