Flexdashboard within distill framework

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Is it possible to use flexdashboard within the distill framework?


Howdy @Manolo!

Good question.

You can't use flexdashboard inside distill natively, but you can "link" to other content from distill.

For example, I have some slide decks hosted on distill by creating and adding arbitrary other content in a "static" folder.

For example Slide Deck which is located at:

.../static/slidesand you can see the content on my GitHub.

In this example you can add knitted flexdashboard and link to it from the blog.

Thank you very much Tom.

For some reason, I didn't see your reply.

How do you specify this in the yaml?

Does the folder need to be named static?

Hi @Manolo , you can create a folder named "static" in your project directory and then store "other" non-distill .Rmds in there such as flexdashboard.

Note that you can really name that folder whatever you want, or include it at the parent-directory level.

While you’ll typically use the distill::distill_article format for pages within a distill website, you can also use any other HTML-based, single document R Markdown formats so long as it’s underlying template has support for pandoc includes.

Support for alternate output formats requires up-to-date versions of both the distill and rmarkdown packages:

  • version >= 1.2 of distill
  • version >= 2.7 of rmarkdown

Alternate output formats are supported only for top-level site pages (not for articles within collections, e.g. blog posts). Pages using an alternate format should be rendered via the rmarkdown::render_site() function to ensure they get site-related headers and footers (this happens automatically when you Knit from within an RStudio website project).

Thank you very much Tom.

I understand now.


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