Flexdashboard shiny tag$iframe auto-forwards link to iframe website

Hi, all! Not sure this is a post for shiny or rmarkdown since I'm using a flexdashboard but it has shiny in the runtime so I'm posting it here. I'm embedding an iframe into a flexdashboard and getting a strange result. When I click the "Open in Browser" link after clicking "Run Document" inside of RStudio, my flexdashboard opens up on a local port in my web browser of choice (Chrome) and then after momentarily showing my flexdashboard, autoforwards me to the website that I'm trying to embed using the iframe. Any takers on why this is happening? Here's my code and a link to a GitHub gist of what I'm trying to do:


title: ""
orientation: rows
runtime: shiny

Open Data Platform

tags$iframe(style="height:600px; width:100%; scrolling=yes", src="https://data.cityofchicago.org/browse?category=Administration+%26+Finance")