flexdashboard Pandox error

Recently after a Windows 10 update I'm no longer able to compile a R Markdwon flexdashboard. Knitting results in a Pandox error (error 1). R Studio knits al the was through until its about to render then I get the error. I had a similar error in the past and it has something to do with how our administrations have configured things and the fix at that time was that someone sent me a few lines of code that was inserted in to one of the start up files. While I'm not being very specific I'm hoping someone might know of what I am talking about.

Actually error message is
pandox.exe: temp.knit.md: openBinaryFile: does not exist (no such file or directory)
Error: pandox document conversion failed with error 1
Execution halted


Have a solution. Apparently RStudio doesn't like network paths names. My temporary solution.
Added a new temporary library package path

mapped to a new network drive (R:/R-4.1.3/library)

myPaths <- .libPaths()
myPaths <- c(myPaths, "R:/R-4.1.3/library")
.libPaths(myPaths) # added new path
myPaths <- .libPaths() # get the paths again
myPaths <- c(myPaths[2], myPaths[1]) # switch them
.libPaths(myPaths) # reassign them

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