Flexdashboard not scrolling properly

Hi all,

I'm playing around with Flexdashboards, trying to see what they're capable of and what their limits are. I've come across some odd scrolling behaviour and was hoping for advice on a fix, as I haven't been able to find one online. As shown in the attached images, the vertical scrolling behaviour isn't currently correct, as it won't scroll fully to show the contents of Chart B when viewed on a small screen.

Code is attached. Apologies for not making it smaller, but I needed to replicate the issue and that involves stacking a few vertical charts. I was expecting the vertical scroll option to allow for effectively unlimited stacking of charts, so any advice would be great.

title: "Untitled"
output: flexdashboard::flex_dashboard
orientation: row
vertical_layout: scroll


```{r setup, include=FALSE}

dataset <- mtcars
Page 1


### ValueBox 1

valueBox(42, caption = "my caption", icon = "fa-calendar")
### ValueBox 2

valueBox(250, caption = "my caption", icon = "fa-calendar")

### Additional Info


sector_levels <- gaugeSectors(success = c(0, 40),
                              warning = c(40, 60),
                              danger = c(60, 100),
                              colors= c("red", "yellow", "green"))

g1 <- gauge(25, min = 0, max = 100, sectors = sector_levels)
g2 <- gauge(75, min = 0, max = 100, sectors = sector_levels)

###  Chart B 
color_map <- c("4" = "red", "6" = "green", "8"  ="blue")

plot1 <- plot_ly(data = dataset, x = ~dataset$cyl, color = ~as.factor(cyl), colors = color_map,
  type = "histogram")

plot1 <- plot1 %>% layout(legend = c, xaxis = list(title = "Also a Test"))


An update that I've just noticed - if I resize the window to make it narrower, it actually starts scrolling as expected. Pic attached.

Basically, I'd just like this scrolling behaviour to remain no matter how wide I resize the window too!

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