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Can flexdashboard output a set of HTML pages? For each of 190 countries I have 6 numeric variables and a Comment. The goal was a webpage for each country, just displaying numbers and text. I began learning Shiny but unable to install shinyserver on webhost, so I found FlexDashboard and (made a script to write long Rmd file) that generates 190 "pages" with rows of valueBox's (no htmlwidgets used yet) and it works perfectly well. However it makes one huge HTML file which for initial load on web has long delay (many seconds). Please is this project unsuitable for FlexDashboard or is there a way?

You can use the shiny runtime with a flexdashboard.
see Using shiny with flexdashboard • flexdashboard (rstudio.github.io)

So it would seem to me that you would make a selectInput to provide access to a country dynamically, and present that.

Thanks. Yes that would be good but I have no budget for shinyapps.io hosting fees,
nor can I install Shiny Server on the existing webhost.
if Flexdashboard cannot put pages into separate HTML files then I have to find another way.

I thought in principle you were satisfied to work with flexdashboard ?
my suggestion enhances this with the use of the local shiny library to provide dynamic response in the flexdashboard. I did not propose that you use shinyapps.io as a host service.

Yes I like Flexdashboard very much.
Also sorry I didnt clarify - this is for a publicly available website.

I think you are saying that you use flexdashboard by having an rmd that uses it, which generates a long html, and you take that html and host that on a pure html web hosting service ?
ok, I don't have a direct solution for you, but HTML is simply text, and R can be used to generate text and export it. I would probably make a HTML template that I wanted to populated for each country. Then have an R script that iteratively creates a page for a country based on that template and write it out as its own html file. and finally produce a contents page with url links to the generated pages.

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Thanks, I like your idea, yes I will try that way.

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