Fixed a frustrating freezeup in RSutdio

I just wanted to post a workaround I found for a freezeup in RStudio.

Today I added a while loop into an RMarkdown file and ran it, unfortunately I forgot to add the incrementer i<-i+1. Life seemed to take a turn for the worse from there.

RStudio did not seem to want to do anything afterwards. I kept shutting it down and Ending the process in Task Manager; I also tried Session --> Restart R. Even still Qt Qtwebengineprocess kept gobbling up a huge amount of CPU (70% of my computer's total). I was very unsure what to do.

Then I thought: "Why not simply run --> prefetch and run --> %temp% to clear these out?". Bingo! Surprisingly as soon as I did this RStudio started working perfectly right away. Of course, before running the while statement again I decided to add in i<-i+1.

Hopefully, this will be helpful to others who might need some ideas if their RStudio freezes.

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