Fit plot text generated in R

Can you help me with the following situation:

  • I'm generating a plot, but I can't properly see the name "Ideal Point" in the graph. I would like it to be right under the dot. I know it is possible to leave it on the right side of the dot, or we can decrease the font size of the text, but in my case I need it to be exactly under the dot and have a good font size, that is visible.

Insert an executable code below and the generated plot.

Thank you so much!

text(x=c(1,2),y=c(1,2), labels=c("Ideal Point","Ideal Point"))

can you reduce this to a minimal reproducible example.
As you are concerned with purely plotting, please remove extraneous libraries and other calculations. I dont think you are asking for different values, only different presentation/plotting.
Therefore it should be enough for you to share the calculated objects Mean ? IdealPoint? etc. and share code that directly plots them in the way you want to improve upon

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Thank you for the tip.

I just adjusted for your conference.

Thank you so much!

Just insert xlim in plot

 plot(IdealPoint, xlim=c(0.8,2.2) )
 text(x=c(1,2),y=c(1,2), labels=c("Ideal Point","Ideal Point"))

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