Fit is not a tree, just a root

I am very new to R and I am trying to create a decision tree where I have variables high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipemia and I want it to predict if you will be overweight.

I have changed my data from yes and no to 1 and 0 and it still doesn't help. my sample dataset is 10000 rows and here is my code

dtdata<- read.csv(file="C:\\Desktop\\School\\D209\\overweightv2.csv")
dt_train <- dtdata[1:8999, ]
dt_test <- dtdata[9000:10000, ]
dtm <- rpart(Overweight~., dt_train, method="class")

everything works until I get to the plot. Once I plot I get the error "fit is not a tree, just a root"

can you describe what it is you are hoping to plot ? what the plot should look like ?

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