First time using R studio

Hi everyone. This is my very first time using R studio and any kind of programming. I would like to ask how can I select a country's life expectancy from a list of countries on an excel file from a specific year on and put it on R?

If you have installed R and RStudio and done nothing else, there are some preliminary steps to take so you can read data from Excel files. Rather than me explaining things that may not be relevant, please explain more about what you have done and where the data file is.
Is RStudio installed on your computer or are you using the cloud version?
Have you installed any packages beyond what comes by default with R?
Where is your data file? On your computer or on a website?
Have you tried to do anything yet? What happened?
What is the context of your work? Are you taking a class, is this for your job, is it self study?

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