first time install of R and RStudio on Linux

I am attempting a first time install of r on Linux. I have R version 3.4.4 running like terminal. I have downloaded and extracted RStudio 1.2.1335, into home/ao/RStudio, where there are a number of files. What is the next step to having RStudio running, Thanks

is it RStudio server or RStudio Desktop ?

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the late response. It is the desktop version.

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I don't have a linux desktop version but you should be able to download from Rstudio website then launch it as any other app on your OS I guess. In the folder there should be a binary ?

Maybe a desktop linux user will pass here and give you more actual informations. :relaxed:

what does a binary file look like, windows uses an exe extension

I assume you are new to Linux. Which distro are you using? You can download them for your distro (of course, I assume you are not on sabayon/gentoo etc, otherwhise you will know better how to compile form source etc).
If you are in something like debian/ubuntu/mint etc, you go for a file with the .deb extension and your installer/manager will do the job. You also have for fedoras and SUSE's like distros.
UInfortunately there is not any kind of 'sudo apt install rstudio' or similar yum's. It this is like you are trying to find, it does not exists. I remember mensajes time ago regarding this, and it looked that some of the dependencies versions RStudio rely on are above the ones to be used for making these sort of installations.
If you tell us with Linux you have (distro and version) I am sure some of us will help you in a more detailed way


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