First PR opportunities for beginners?

A lot of languages have lists of open source projects/packages that are accessible to beginners... does R have anything like that?

Although I consider myself a somewhat advanced R user, I have only started developing for R by way of personal packages and am a little lost as to where to start contributing. Many of the packages in the tidyverse seem pretty complex, it would be great if any of y'all can suggest some packages that are more beginner friendly!


In a recent Twitter thread about getting comfortable sharing code started by @jessemaegan, @jsonbecker had a reply relevant to this question:

The reasons Jason gives for reading rOpenSci package source also suggests they may be a good place to look for an opportunity to contribute fixes.


Great threads and suggestions! @emily, I'm working on a guide right now that hopefully will make for some good first PRs— contributing to documentation. It sounds like you might be beyond that, but I know those were most of my early PRs.

In addition to the lists (such as the one you cited), and sites like First Timers Only, there are some really helpful resource rounded up in freeCodeCamp's How to Contribute to Open Source:

rOpenSci, like @nick mentioned, is a perfect place to look, but I do hope to build out an easier way for contributors and maintainers to find each other (in addition to tagging GH issues as being good for first-timers, etc).