First function parameter missing when piping

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I'm reopening this post :

I can understand the goal for piped function passing argument to the second function and not showing first parameter when doing autocompletion inside the function parenthesis, but this behaviour also appears when using operator like %in% or even a custom operator like %<-% that feeds a list. For instance :

myList %<-% myListFeedingFun(par1 = "par1", par2 = "par2") 

The par1 won't autocomplete and I'll have to look at the documentation to know its existence.

Is it a normal behaviour or is there any way to bypass this limitation ?



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I'm just adding my support for this topic to be reopened (naturally, as I'm still struggling with the first argument not showing!)

Hello, if you have a bug report or feature request to make for RStudio, the best place for it would be the github.

FYI, for those interested, I posted it as a feature request here:

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