First CRAN submission - vignette file size

In the R Packages book, the CRAN notes in Chapter 11 has the following note about vignettes:

You’ll need to watch the file size. If you include a lot of graphics, it’s easy to create a very large file. There are no hard and fast rules, but if you have a very large vignette be prepared to either justify the file size, or to make it smaller.

It mentions there are no hard and fast rules, but what constitutes a "very large vignette" in CRAN's eyes? I have a vignette that is about 45kb --- per section 3.8 in R Markdown: the Definitive Guide, knitr::html_vignette shrinks html vignettes to about 10kb.

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I would say these are very small vignettes.


45 KB is a small vignette. Definitively avoid the MB space. That would be reasonable if a large vignette is still in the KB range.
Or, if you have several vignettes close to 1 MB, you should look at merging some parts or reducing images size.

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