Firewall Configuration: Single Shiny Web App exposed to an IPv4 and Port - Remote Access

I have created a Shiny Web App which I want to share with some of my co-workers.

The problem is that we do not have IT Department Permissions for using Virtual-Box or Docker, and therefore neither to use Shiny Open Source Server, or Shinyproxy; so the solution which I was considering was to expose an app to a specific IPv4 address and Port to our Companies Domain Network (by-passing the Company's Proxy).

The solution actually works if:

  • Switch-Off the Computer's Domain Firewall ("Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall on or off").
  • And in "Internet Options > Connection > LAN Settings > Advanced > Exceptions", set my IP Address Exceptions to By-Pass the Proxy.
    launch.browser = TRUE,
    port = 8000,
    host = ""

The problem is that when I enable the Firewall again for my Domain, and in "Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings" set up an exception for an incoming port on the computer which runs the Shiny Web App, I cannot longer connect to the Shiny Web App from a Remote Computer.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.