Finding correlations with nominal values


I was hoping someone could help me. I'm looking to find correlations in data, where one of the variables is a nominal value.
More specifically, I have a questionnaire, where companies have reported their spendings with different wholesalers. I am looking, whether or not these spendings are significantly affected by the franchise they're assigned to.

So let's say Company A bought 10 000 euros worth of goods from wholesaler X, 20 000 from Wholesaler Y and 1000 from Wholesaler Z. Let's assume company company A is part of the McDonalds franchise.
Company B bought 20 000 euros worth of goods from wholesaler X, 10 000 from Wholesaler Y and 5000 from Wholesaler Z. Company B is part of the BurgerKing franchise.

How would one approach this methodologically? I was thinking of using the Anova approach- it would allow me to compare the effect between companies as well as between franchises. Would this work? Or would you recommend using a different method? Any advice would be appreciated.


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