findcommonvariants from (Rsubread) package

Hello, I have around 30 vcf files from snvs calling that I want to compare, I found a command in Rsubead package called findcommonvariants. to try this I have now 2 vcf files to compare
but I keep getting this error in normalizepath

MA01 = read.table("E:/Projects/NSCLC Brain met/NGS data/Data analysis/DNA/SNVs/MA-01.somatic.snvs.vcf", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
MA03 = read.table("E:/Projects/NSCLC Brain met/NGS data/Data analysis/DNA/SNVs/MA-03.somatic.snvs.vcf", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)) 

>Error in normalizePath(path.expand(path), winslash, mustWork) : 
  path[1]="MA01": The system cannot find the file specified

Read the package documentation, you are supposed to pass a character vector with file paths, not two data frames


VCF_files: a character vector giving the names of VCF format files.

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