Find row numbers by looping through a list

I made a list, it look like the one below.
Besides I have a textfile read with read.table.

#the list looks like this:

#the data looks like this:
1 FLBR id LPI sc 0 47150 flbr
2 FLBR id STI sc 0 26940 flbr
3 FLBR id LQI sc 0 88920 flbr
4 FLBR id CSO_63A sc 0 lt 0 28220

I would like to get all the row numbers from the text file which have a string as found in the list. I have tried to make a loop but I get the error as below.

> for (i in {
+   which(grepl(i, Lateral.dat$V1))}
Warning message:
In grepl(i, Lateral.dat$V1) :
  argument 'pattern' has length > 1 and only the first element will be used

Hopefuly anyone knows how to fix this problem?

You don't need a for loop since these functions are vectorized. <- c("LPI", "LQI", "LRI", "LSI")

Lateral.dat <- data.frame(col = c("LPI", "STI", "LQI", "CSO_63A"))

which(grepl(paste0(, collapse = "|"), Lateral.dat$col))
#> [1] 1 3

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