Find modification indices of partial strong invariance

Hi everyone,
I need to find the modification indices of my partial strong invariance but I do have some questions about it, this is my code:

model <- ' 
F1 =~ item_1 + item__3 +item_4 + item_6 + item_9
F2 =~ item_2 + item_5 + item_7 + item_8 

model_fit <- cfa(model, data =my_data, meanstructure = TRUE)

metric_age <- cfa(model, data=my_data, group = "AGE",group.equal = c( "loadings"))

metric_mi <- modificationindices(metric_age)

These are my doubts:
To find the modification indices who advise me to remove the intercept of my item do I need to work on my metric invariance, right? Or on my scalar or partial strong model?
Second doubt: is the modificationindices(metric_age) the correct way to find what I'm looking for? Should I use lavtastscore(metric_age)?
Than you all for your help

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