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Hi everybody,

I need to find a dataset to make an exercice, they do not told me what dataset to use for doing statistical analysis, just to find one....but i don't have experience in this area...there is something in the NCBI or a reliable webpage to download biological datasets to do this type of work? that contains variables, etc to make regression, ANOVA, etc.

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I don't know about specific biological datasets. But if it's just to demonstrate the method, why not simply use one of the many R - inbuilt datasets? Just run data() and choose a set that satisfies your needs.


I strongly agree with @Jwvz001 though you could also find a more "real-life" dataset by using Google Dataset Search:

Be aware though, that these datasets can be difficult to import into R and you might also need to clean the data before doing statistical analysis; hence why I agree with @Jwvz001 that for demonstration purposes, R inbuilt datasets are probably what you want.

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Yes, indeed that was one of my questions to my professor but the objective of the exercice is to do that, but no one gave us a webpage or information to find this type of databases

Thank you very much for your answers, I am going to talk if it is possible to use one from R

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